Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Win Her Back AFter She Had Left

So you messed up, you cheated on her or maybe with her best friend or had done something crazy. Now she had walked away, you alone all by yourself, licking the wounds and experiencing emotional trauma just because of the lady you are crazy about.

Sequel to the post I did on How To Win Her Back...If you sincerely want to have your lover back, you need to act or do the exact opposite of what she ordinarily would think you will do. The normal step for most guys in situations like this is to make frantic efforts in calling her, send her text messages and all sorts. I have realized all these tactics would not work a bit. To gain her attention was once again and make her to trust you again, you need to explore some reverse psychology strategies and you will be amazed at the awesome results this will bring your way.

Basic Myths on How To Win Her Back Pretty Fast

Myth 1
 There are so many so called "love Gurus" out there claiming that they can and will help you on how to win her back within a time frame. The truth is, there is no magic ways that will help you get her back spontaneously as propagated by these gurus. In as much as you are very keen on having her back, there is a need to exercise patience coupled with adopting the strategy that applies to you depending on the cause of the break up as outlined in Here.

Myth 2
It is very normal to feel pain after any break up but allowing that pain to overwhelm you may ruin your chances of winning her back. I will explain why. When you experience a break up and the love for the girl is still strong, your mind creates a perfect and flawless imagination of your ex in your head thereby making you feel you cannot survive without her. This is then instinctively translated into your actions hence you become desperate at all cost to have her back and consequently translated to your actions. When you continue at this pace, you tend to jeopardize the chances of her winning her back.

Myth 3

I have read somewhere online that as part of the strategy on how to win her back after the break up, you need to be friends with your ex. But they fail to mention how long you have to keep being friends with her. What you did not bargain for might eventually come out from being friends with her. During the course of just being friends with her, it is not impossible that another guy will just come and sweep her off her feet and you will be the loser at the end. Hence, instead of working on being friends with her as a ploy to get her back, I will rather advice that you invest the time and energy on strategies that will help you gain back her love once again.

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