Thursday, 22 August 2013

How To Win Her Back After a Break Up

Any man who has broken up with his girlfriend will often wonder how to win her back..

 It is important to find out what led to the break up in the first place. She will be definitely vexed if she had caught you in the very act with another girl. Beside you betraying her trust, she will be confused

During such periods, it is a good idea to give her plenty of space so that she can calm down.. Unguided words when said during the initial stage of the break up when the wound is still fresh could make the situation degenerate beyond what it is at the moment. Perhaps, the break up was as a result of your cheating with her best friend, it might be somehow difficult for your girlfriend to forgive because this act between her best friend and her boyfriend will definitely be unimaginable.

If you are trying to determine how to win her back, it would be a brilliant idea not to contact her through email or phone for a couple of days.. It is most likely that she will not pick your calls at all and if she decides to at all, there is the likelihood that she will utter painful words to you. However, when this occurs, you just have to really beg her for your actions and you must be sincere about it.

You should also consider sending her small gifts or flowers and if these are rejected, do not get upset because she will only be rejecting them because of feeling betrayed and it will be your duty to win back her trust again. In order to win her back again, you should address the problems that led to the split particularly if you cheated on her or if she was not getting something she needed from the relationship.

Self reflection is also helpful more so if you want to understand the habits you need to change in order to win her back. This may involve working at improving on those things she frowns at.. She may feel unloved when you don't show efforts to appreciate and treat her like someone special. Treating these issues with levity causes the situation to degenerate and will not disappear if they are not dealt with.

Furthermore, it will be quite difficult for your ex-girlfriend to get back into a relationship with you if these matters are not resolved. 

After begging for betraying her trust, you need to imbibe the culture of improving yourself and desist from those things that led to the break up if you are seriously interested in making her happy Make efforts to show and convince her that you are eager to take cognizance of her feelings and emotions hence forth If she does not want you to get in touch even after you had begged her, it wont be a bad idea to innocently and mildly suggest a casual meeting for the both of you The location you both settle on needs to be neutral and it could either be a bar or a coffee shop.

One of the main rules of this meeting is that it has to be a short one and you need to prepare your mind that she wont just jump back into your arms as if nothing happened This time is not the appropriate time to discus the break up and let your discussion be on general topic.

Discuss issues like work, family etc. Let your meeting with her again be her decision and not yours. She will inform you if wants to continue with the relationship or not. You dont have to be forceful

If you are seeking the most effective way of how to win her back, you should quit seeing your other partner immediately and prove to your girlfriend that you are committed to being faithful to her. You need to excercise a great deal of patience because she needs time to get over this emotional trauma and it is really worth the time if you are really interested to win her back

You may want your girlfriend back at all cost but that does not mean you should be desperate in your approach with the intention that she may have pity on you. Rather than earning her pity, it will turn her off 

Imbibe these tips and she will embrace your efforts in winning her back especially when you are sincere with your intentions


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  2. Yes, good points there. Distancing yourself from one another initially I believe is really important to do. Not only will this allow the two of you some space, but you'll then be able to work steadily at improving yourself and show her how independent and capable you really are!